Since our opening in 2003, Workplace Marketing Insurance Advisors has dedicated itself to providing coverage stress-free to the people of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and surrounding areas.

Workplace Marketing is known for its creative benefits packages, great customer service, constant and timely communication, and attention to details including keeping a client compliant with federal and state regulations. For over 19 years, we have strived to make insurance easily accessible. 

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Our Services

  • Group Insurance

    Making decisions about health insurance for your business probably isn’t at the top of your list of favorite things to do. However, WPM will attain rates from multiple carriers and ensure you are earning the best rate for you and your employees.
  • Individual Insurance

    If you do not currently participate in your employer’s health plan, or if your employer doesn’t offer coverage, we advise you to obtain individual insurance so that you and your family will receive affordable routine health care and avoid high costs in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Medicare

    If you’re nearing retirement age, or are over 65 and still working, you may have questions about Medicare, With four types of Medicare you may need some assistance. Let us help.
  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you have people who depend on you for financial support, then you need life insurance to protect them in case something happens to you – your designated beneficiary would collect a financial benefit upon your death.
  • Vision Insurance

    Driving to work, reading a news article and watching television are perhaps activities you perform every day. Your ability to do all of these, however, depends on your vision and eye health. Routine eye exams will help maintain your vision as well as detect various eye problems and concerns about your overall health. Obtaining vision insurance is a way to ensure you can continue enjoying good health as well as the sights around you.
  • Dental Insurance

    Aside from protecting your smile, dental care ensures good oral and overall health. Several studies suggest that oral diseases, such as periodontitis (gum disease), can affect other areas of your body—including your heart. Understanding and choosing dental coverage will help protect you and your family from the high cost of dental disease and surgery.